the things in the markets


These little gingerbread men will be added to my garland of greenery that will adorn my chandelier! I recently found an ebay site of a Prim artist that showcased her entire Prim home, and though it is not my style of Country decor...I LOVED it and find myself adding more and more Prims to my home. They are so warm looking and smell fantastically of cinnamon and spices!

These little guys I just got from a wonderful Prim artist, "Primitive Charms"..which is the same place I found my ghosts and little bats for Halloween and used with the fall leaves on my dining room chandelier.

The china I will be using this Holiday season! I love it! It's Johnson Brothers "Friendly Village" featuring Winter scenes and I am in such a rush to get started decorating. I was so concerned I wouldn't be up to it..but each day finds me more anxious to get things going! What gets me in such a tizzy to decorate for the Holidays?? :)

I found this wonderful African Violet at a garage sale last Saturday for $2.00 and loved it! I thought it was a great buy. even the stems looked real. I have been picking up florals and yard items for pennies.

This lovely find was $5.00 but worth every cent! I found this one two weeks ago on my first Saturday out. It's amazing what I will go through to go to garage sales! :)

The pot is VERY heavy (concrete?) and it obviously was a well made silk. LOVE IT!
I would say it was a good Saturday at the garage sales!

It is such a delight to find so many women in the blogging world that love Holiday decorating like I do! I have wonderful girlfriends, but over the years not all of them were as into it as I was. And now...well...I am in 7th heaven! I could visit all day long...and all night long for that matter...and never get tired of finding delightful homes and ideas and woman! :) Makes me smile!!


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