Royal Palace and National Museum

The Cambodian Royal Palace site at the vantage point of the four rivers and is the heart of the country's cultural life. The Royal Palace is 402 meters by 435 meters, and its complex is surrounded by a high pagoda-styled compound decorated with the boundary strings.
The Royal Palace is a royal residence now where His Majesty, the King of Cambodia, and the royal families live. in a common word, it is like a small town of royal dynasties.

The Cambodian-styled building was built in 1920. it is located to the north of the Royal Palace.
The National Museum can enable you to be more aware of Khmer cultural and historical value and literature through frescoes depicted on the thee of the Ramayana story. Khmer art has been shown since ancient times. A rich collection of original Khmer art features sculptures and statues made of jade, marble, silver, bronze, brass, copper, clay, wood, bamboo, metal, steel, etc.
The ancient building contains articles, ceramic ware, earthenware, flatware, pottery, woodwork, silverware, etc. It is open from 8AM to 5PM everyday.


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