Disputing taste

Carolyn Korsmeyer implores us to try a different flavour of thinking

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  • The Backdoor Broadcasting Company has a number of interesting philosophy podcasts on its site, most recently from The University of London's Institute of Philosophy conference on The Future of Philosophy: Metaphilosophical Directions for the 21st Century. Full archive of philosophy-tagged podcasts is here. Regular readers will I'm sure already be familiar with tpm's own Baggini's Philosophy Monthly podcast and the regular iTunes philosophy chart-topper Philosophy Bites. #
  • The latest issue of tpm is now in UK shops and with UK subscribers, and will be arriving state-side soon. From December 7th, selected content from the magazine will start to appear on this website. You can subscribe to tpm here. #
  • We're introducing a new regular update schedule this week. From December 1st, articles from the latest issue, back issues and some online exclusives will be added every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We've posted over 150 articles on this site since its launch earlier this year, and we aim to post a similar number throughout 2010. #
  • UK based teachers of philosophy A Level or IB may be interested in a series of one-day student conferences at which tpm editor Julian Baggini will be speaking in February and March. More details here. #
  • November 18-24 is our second philosophy and popular culture week, with another selection from our series of edited extracts from the Wiley-Blackwell Philosophy and Popular Culture series. There are articles on Lost, Batman, Twilight, House and Terminator. You can also still read articles from our first pop culture week on Watchmen, The Office, Family Guy, Metallica and South Park. #


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